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Williamsburg, Virginia

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Celebrate Labor Day by drifting back in time to the Revolutionary era or by spending a relaxing vacation in sunny California with special offers from Wyndham ® Extra Holidays. Experience Colonial America at Wyndham Patriots’ Place in Williamsburg, Virginia. http://matenwaclc.org/paxil-to-lexapro/ You’ll discover lush gardens, museums and Revolutionary War re-enactments in this historic city. For sunny […]

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Take a ride on the wild side and get your motor running at Busch Gardens’ newest attraction Verbolten, opening March 24. Hop aboard in Oktoberfest and tour the autobahn through the verboten Black Forest and take an 88-foot plunge into the Rhine River. Travel to Williamsburg and experience the theme park thrills and resort savings with Wyndham Extra […]

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Travel to Williamsburg for a truly magical and unique Christmas. This is a prime holiday destination that is available through Extra Holidays by Wyndham. Starting in November, the historic city comes aglow with Colonial Christmas experiences from the perspective of a Jamestown settler, Revolutionary War soldier and a colonial farmer. It’s a window into Christmas’ past! […]

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Travel back in time this summer with a visit to Williamsburg, Virginia and stay at one of the many resorts offered by Extra Holidays by Wyndham. Experience what life was like during the 18th century at historic Williamsburg. Explore the “Revolutionary City” and gain a deeper understanding about how families lived, where communities gathered and […]

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Are you thinking about taking advantage of some fireworks for the 4th of July?      Extra Holidays by Wyndham invites you to stay at our best family resorts in  Washington D.C.;  Fairfield Glade, TN;  Williamsburg, VA; and Sevierville, TN. Love this product, take the stronger one if you have erectile dysfunction. . You are guaranteed to find our […]

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